The History of Fort Peck Dam
Click HereThe Editor's notes Click HereDredging units built on site
Click HereIn the beginning Click HereTunnels and Hydro power
Click HereA bit of rough going Click HereGraceful dominance
Click HereFDR-Montana's savior Click HereClosed:
Click HereSteel wall won't rust Click HereThen came the slide of '38
Click HereOf men, rocks, and snakes Click HereHow they remember
Click HereWheeler: king of boomtowns Click HereFort Peck buildings
Click HereDredging: a complex technique Click HereCredits
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Fort Peck Project U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Fort Peck Project Homepage
Addendum by Robert Midthun
FDR at Fort Peck A transcript of Roosevelt's speech given at Fort Peck on August 6th, 1934.
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Fort Peck Today  
Montana Historical Society A great research tool with archives and interviews relating to the Fort Peck Project.
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Photo Gallery Awesome collection of 592 original construction era photos
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Original Video Contributed by James Guay
Great archive footage from my father Albert R Guay filming the construction of the Fort Peck dam. He took this footage when he was 17, at the time President Roosevelt showed up on site. From a historical point of view I feel it was very important. My dad did grow up in Fort Peck, and his father was on the army corp of engineers team as a plumber.
Fort Peck Dam Cam Live Dam Cam - Courtesy Walleyes Unlimited
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Rock Creek Marina Charming, secluded place on the lake with friendly people
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The upstream side of Fort Peck Dam in background, 2016 Can-Am Sailing Regatta in foreground
The upstream side of Fort Peck Dam in background, 2016 Sailing Regatta in foreground


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