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The Fort Peck Evergreens
by Arthur H. Buckley
French Bulls, Boston Bulls, Pekinese from Chinatown,
Bloodhounds, Beaglehounds, you'll seldom find a finer town for dogs than our Fort Peck.

Lap dogs, bird dogs, those funny dogs the Major has,
Poodle dogs, Pug dogs,...evryone, I'll wager... has
his favorite breed, by heck.

Jack pines, dwarf pines, junipers from nearby slopes
Cedars, fitzers, evrybody built his hopes
on evergreens and firs.

Slim trees, squat trees, trees that had no shape at all...
Young trees, old trees, no tree could escape at all...
the hunt for conifers.

Pines here, cedars there, so what more could Towser ask?
Fitzers and junipers. .soon it was old Bowser's task
to hunt them o'er the town.

Trees, dogs, dogs, trees.. .Why did no one ponder that?
Dogs, trees, trees, dogs.. .It really seems no wonder that
our trees have all turned brown.

©1/2002 by Arthur H. Buckley/Diane B Pile