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The Fundamentalist
by Arthur H. Buckley
There's every reason to believe
that once upon a time
this corner of Montana
was quite a tropic clime

And dinosaurs and brontosaurs
and all the other lizards
did roam about the countryside
and stuff into their gizzards

great quantities of ferns andpalms
and other tropic flora
until their abdomens were filled
in generous plethora.

We find their petrified remains
unearthed by wind and rain
and marvel as we realise
the million years they've lain

While in the meantime, man appeared
from some unfathomed source
which is today a mystery,
though we can guess, of course.

From dust ,tis said in Genesis,
God foimed him into shape,
while Darwin claims that early man
developedfrom the ape.

For me, I lean toward Adam
and old Mother Eve, his wife,
who dwelt in Eden's garden
where they led a merry life

`til they tasted of the apple
plucked by Eve from Eden's tree
when the wily serpent, Satan,
did deceive her craftily.

I prefer the Bible's version
just because it seems to me
that a plausible conception
of this matter well might be

That the famous Eden garden spot,
home of the primeval man
may have been here in Montana
where the dinosaur began

Didn't Eva wear a fig leaf?
Well, figs are often found
by the hunters in the Badlands
where the dinosaurs abound.

These figs, of course, are petrified, and some fossil fig leaves, too.
Fruits that may have grown in Eden,
pick and shovel bring to view.

So whenever I go hunting
in the hills for dinosaurs,
I keep looking for an apple,
petrified and bearing scars

Made by Adam's sharp bicuspids
and the bite that Eve did take
back there in the famous garden
when they yielded to the snake.

What if I should be so lucky
as to find that ancient pome?
Wouldn't I feel like a hero
as I bore my treasure home?

Fundamentalists would hail me
as the news began to spread,
and the followers of Darwin...
Wouldn't their faces all be red!

©1/2002 by Arthur H. Buckley/Diane B. Pile